Crime-ridden Grimsby street was once a ‘pleasant place to live’ say despairing locals

A crime ridden street in Grimsby was once a ‘pleasant place to live’, claim residents living there.

Smashed doors and windows and glass litter the pavement of Patrick Street, where police were called on Tuesday after another report of criminal damage.

But this week’s incident barely scrapes the surface of the issues being faced by those who live there.

GrimsbyLive reports residents told how their homes had also been vandalised and one even said that he avoids speaking to others on Patrick Street to “stay out of trouble”.

They said the area was once a pleasant place to live – but that has “deteriorated” over the years.

Wendy Aisthorpe, who has lived in the area all her life, said: “It’s terrible.

“I was born around here – that house used to be a television shop and all the other ones were shops – it used to be nice around here but it’s just deteriorated.

“There’s always something going on down here, there’s always police around.

“I was born in my house and I bought it from my nanna, and it used to be posh round here.

“There was no crime, everybody owned their own houses. It was only when they built Peaks Parkway that they all became Council houses.

“The back of my house is a state, it’s disgusting. It’s really sad.”

She said she returned home after attending a funeral a fortnight ago to find her front window had been smashed, and that her partner’s motorbike was also recently stolen.

“I came back from a funeral and my window was out and my partner had his motorbike stolen but the police did nothing about it, they just sent a crime number.

“He works out of town and he’s had to buy another motorbike.”

Wayne Tucker redecorates houses for a private landlord.

He said the derelict house was renovated at the same time he worked on another house a few doors down two years ago, and that it looked “really, really nice” at the time.

Wayne said: “This house had been vandalised and we spent close to £30,000 doing it back up, and that one was being done up at the same time.

“It looked really, really nice but then all of a sudden, it was just trashed.

“It’s horrible. That’s why I moved out of town. It’s just rubbish, there’s nothing here.”

Humberside Police has appealed for information regarding the incident on Tuesday.

A spokesperson said: “It is reported that three individuals allegedly smashed windows and doors of the property, causing damage.

“Anyone with any information about the incident is asked to call 101 quoting log 336 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”