People are only just learning what the hole in a pasta server is used for

A woman has left people “mind blown” after sharing the little-known purpose of the hole in a pasta server. While most people assume that it’s used to drain certain types of pasta, such as penne and fusilli, the foodie has unveiled the real task you should be using the little hole for – and it’s caused quite the stir.

Taking to TikTok to share her insight, the woman’s viral video has surpassed a whopping 230,000 views since posting, as people claim they “never knew” the meaning. The pasta lover’s insightful clip reveals all as she shares a handy demonstration of using the hole within the popular utensil as a serving measurement for spaghetti.

The woman’s clip featured in a longer video full of household life hacks, which are commonly be used in everyday life, but people never knew they existed.

Captioning the post, the TikToker, who posts on the account @myfriendjackieshouse, wrote: “Mind blown…”

However, it seemed as if the woman’s short demonstration of the popular utensil left viewers most speechless over all the other hacks.

The user demonstrated slotting a portion of spaghetti through the hole in the middle of the spoon, which equalled out to approximately one portion size.

The TikToker wrote in the video: “I was today years old when I found out…

“The hole in a slotted spoon is exactly one serve of spaghetti.”

Alongside her pasta hack, the user also left people in disbelief when she demonstrated how packing peanuts dissolve in water, and how most toilet seats have a release button for easy cleaning.

Taking to the comment section of the video, many TikTokers shared their disbelief after claiming they “never knew” about these hacks before.

One person exclaimed: “Oh my goodness – I actually didn’t know any of these!! like – where have I been??!!”

A different user added: “Absolute mind blown! Like whaat.”

“Wow I never knew,” a third added.

A different used said: “I feel like I’ve just gone to LIFE COLLEGE”

“Whatttt??? Today for me too!!! Lol,” a fifth penned.